Lahar Flood; disaster or blessing?

Cold lahar flood is a natural event caused by the vulcanic deposition results from the volcano eruption of saturated water at the time of heavy rain so that the flow of debris down the form to slope away to the low. If the flow along the river, there was no handling of the flood of lava (eg, sabo dam building) then the flow of cold lava can cause natural disasters, with a very high damage to the body of the river, building on the river bank and lowland areas in the river downstream. In fact, in many cases lava flood events can cause the victim a large amount of soul.


Post-lahar flood can occur hoarding material vulcanic sand and rock along the river flow. Although at the beginning of the likely damage to his arrival but on the other hand the return of material is highly awaited by the people in the area around the river as a blessing. And activities of mining sand and stone can be done.

Mining activities, sand and stones in the vicinity of the river by the people around the river, is required for regulating the mining, so it does not cause problems such as unwanted struggling mining area, the problem of licensing and environmental issues.

The need for mining rules

Activities in the mining of sand and stone, direct interactions occur between the three (3) components of society that is the area around the mine, local governments and organizations engaged in sand mining business.

The three components above should cooperate each other to form the system that's mutually beneficial. Community to give authority to local governments to manage and create a procedure with the mining establish formal rules or regulations and the other local governments are obliged to provide protection.

Relations between local governments and community organizations is the local government to give permission to the organizations authorized to conduct mining with certain rules, while organizations are obliged to pay taxes and keep the environment by following the rule's conception of the environment.

Relationship between community organizations (company's) community with the mining company is to provide opportunities for people to be mine so that workers have the tariffs or fees must be paid to the company's mining community.

When the third relationship can be harmonious and run the rule's set the activities of sand and stone mining can mutually benefit all parties and also the environment.

The problems that arise around the mining of sand

Although in theory the relationship between the community, local government and mining companies can walk in harmony, but in practice in the field, it can become very complex and prone to problems.

Problems often arise, for example there's the wild do not have permission, breach of rules mining, less specifically provided sanctions for the offender, environmental and building storm flow of sediments due to the mining rules infringe, misuse of tax payments etc..

To overcome the above problems are not always easy because the condition is usually complex and there are conflicts of interest from the third component of the community. In the community are usually still less awareness of the preservation of the environment around the mine, including agricultural land and settlements so that their mining activities in the area of the property would culminate in damage to the environment because it does not limit the sand mining is a set standard so that mining companies violate the rules in the mining activities.

Next problem is still there's just wild that does not have a permit. And mining company that has a permit but mining activities violate the rules. For example, they do mining in the vicinity of the building foundation sabo dam so that the stable building. River canyon cutting and digging that violate the limit depth of water so that the lower face of the earth. In this case action is required or expressly sanctioned by the security apparatus, the people themselves and the local government as termination of mining activities and wild mining permit revocation.

The problem is most often ignored is the damage to the environment. If the rule's set is not implemented properly then the environment will be the victims. The building does not control the flow of sediments in accordance with its function, the basic degradation of the river experienced a decline in face of ground water, river cliffs prone to landslides that result in a reduction of agricultural land and settlement residents, the lack of land into the water, dead plants, animals and eventually starve the existence of ecosystems and the life of the region's threatened.

When environmental degradation is threatening the existence of life will arise, namely the impact of continued hunger and social conflict in which each component of the community will blame each other and not feel responsible.

So to avoid or at least minimize the danger of environmental damage that has already occurred in the area of sand mining needs to be done step by step persuasive and decisive penalty by law enforcement. And more important is to increase public awareness of the three components together to perform mining activities, sand and stone are the environment.

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Disaster Preparation said...

Events like this make people aware of how important it is to be prepared for a disaster.

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