The influence of the rainy season is too long

Currently in some areas are presented on a long rainy season. When we see a seasonal cycle in the tropics, particularly Indonesia, in the normal condition of the rainy season falls in the month of October - April and the dry season occurs in April-October.

In April there's turnover in the rainy season to dry season. Change this pattern, marked with a range of days is not that the long rains, winds blow much faster. Are in the month of October is vice versa.

Cycle can be shifted only one or even two months so that the number of days in the rainy season or dry season becomes longer or shorter.

Now we have tread the middle of June and the rain is quite swift and still can not ascertain whether the rainy season will end soon. Indeed, some regions in Indonesia that have already entered the dry season. Then, if the impact area for the rainy season is longer?

It can have positive impact and negative

Positive impact:
  • On areas that often experience drought, the longer rainy season cause the areas have supply of water more and planting the garden for longer. Water supply in the catchment areas of water such as reservoirs and lakes will supply for agriculture and drinking water in the dry season.
Negative impact:
  • On urban areas, the flood danger still threatens, because in this times, the rain cycle is harder to predict. Sometimes a heavy rain came suddenly in a short duration but that result in a flood-prone.
  • On areas such as agriculture that have a cycle three (3) monthly planting in rice fields, then at the end of May until mid-June will enter the second harvest. Still occur when the rain season harvest will be many problems, such as rice field soil is still wet even have a still stagnant water, drying of rice that are difficult to do in the open because the rain does not tend to be predicted. For rice field areas that prone water stagnated due the river overflow, they also threatened the harvest failed, because with the heavy rain could trigger flooding and river overflow swamp area rice field. Rice will be harvested before damage.
  • In the side of health, change the season to trigger a shift in physical adaptation to the season also shifted. Because basically extended rainy season this was not the real rainy season. This is the turn of the season is longer than usual. And this condition will force our bodies to adapt to change and extreme weather can cause a decrease in resistance of the body cause health disturbances.
So, if the turn of the season is longer such as this time, we need to take early preventive measures against negative impacts that can befall us and the environment around us.

The latter, when in fact the natural conditions such as this to cause physical and material loss, whether this can be categorized as a natural disaster?

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