Magma, lava and lahar

Magma is a material made in the earth's crust (plates tektonik) form of the fluorescent material in the mud temperature is very high (up to 1000 degrees Celsius). Occur as a result of friction / collision tektonik two plates, resulting in high temperatures and form the kitchen magma pushing upwards and can bring the volcano. Here is the image formation process and magma volcano.

Lava is magma that comes from the belly of the earth / volcano due to an increase in activity vulkanik in the volcano. Lava can be out of fluid flowing down the mountain slope to a place far away in the valley, magma can also come out and stayed around the top of the volcano and formed lava dome (dome) so that the volcano is more visible (eg on the mount Merapi in Central Java) .

Lahar is lava mixed with water (either rain or other waters such as lakes in the vicinity of the mountain) so it becomes saturated and forms a flow with high-speed glide down the slopes to distances of tens of kilometers. When the lava is still hot water mixed, or a new kitchen out of the magma post erupsi then the hot lava. Conversely when the lava has buried long in the mountain slopes after erupsi ago mixed water in the wet season it will produce the flow of cold lava. Second type lava above have the same risk of post-disaster on the mountain erupsi fire that caused many victims of the soul
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Knowing - Is the come story about?

Watching the movie "knowing" after the end of trimester II exams week is the right moment. While not all planned. I just think, after the test, watching movie directly. Wow, turns out there is that film is My favorite story. Not yet have a good time watching.

Jump to the movie ...

The big story is here. In the year 1959 at an Elementary School in Massachusetts made a time capsule burial inside the envelope containing the load image of the shadow of 50 years of elementary school students are. But Lucinda Embry students who are most miserable conditions, heard strange sounds throughout the day and write it into the paper that contains the numbers of random weird.

Short stories in 2009, it's time to open the time capsule and elementary students are (now) fight to get one envelope. And Caleb son of professor John Koestler(Nicholas Cage) who get an envelope from Lucinda Embry.

Chance, random numbers suspect John and rewrite on the white board, and thanks to google rock, he found the mystery numbers that is a series of events from the date of the disaster, the number of victims and the location of the disaster which is the astronomical location (latitude and longitude)

All events are disasters that occurred in the fifty years and only 3 of the disaster has not occurred, one of which is solar storms that will destroy half the earth's surface at the time of the incident dealing with the direct sun.

Messages about resignation

However, John tried to anticipate the disaster that left 3, he can not fight destiny and the events that occurred with the victim still the exact same with the written. By the end of the story that the "Hour" is actually going to burn the entire surface of the earth, and only those who are selected will be saved and a life from scratch again.

Who is the person selected?

Although at first this movie seems absurb but clear message that we can not fight destiny. Weare only given a warning and who believes that will be more ready to serve.

Unlike the films of hollywood previous disasters, such Armagedon (1999), Volcano, Dante's Peak, Twister etc. ended about courage in conquering the United States and is a victory, in the film is how this country's super power can not do anything.

Conditions such as this story will be different cause shock for people who do not believe in God than the people who believe. So we all depend on how the nature of an event.

Back to my story

Because the type of film is my favorite, so I stay here and write a reflection to the side to take all positive. For those who have not been watching ... whether you're interested in? And that is watching, how do you think?


Movie Title: Knowing

Players: Nicholas Cage, Rose Byrne, Chandler Canterbury, Lara Robinson, Ben Mendelsohn
Director: Alex Proyas

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